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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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children. [ laughter ] pretty brett finally a laugh. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight,that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> >> trace: tonight, the fbi to brief us any time on the boston bombing case. and now we're learning the feds are looking for two men seen in photos near the bomb site. tonight, examining the evidence of the attack here at the boston marathon. >> bill: a woman, wounded in the bombing, looks for her hero. >> one of the things he said to her to calm her down was to show her his own shrapnel wounds from when he was in afghanistan. his name is tyler. that's all we know. tyler. >> bill: now he's found. >> i said my name is tyler. it's going to be okay. and letters testing positive for poison. one sent to the president.
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other suspicious letters to u.s. senators. tonight, another plot unfolds. much i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. we are live boilston street on the back bay of boston. a few blocks from the scene of monday's bombing and what has been a somewhat chaotic day here. just minutes ago a federal source telling fox news investigators are looking for two persons of interest in connection with monday's attack. now, both men captured in photos from the scene. more on that in a moment. of course, hours ago, we heard reports that an arrest was imminent in the attacks. some talk that an arrest had already happened. the fbi later saying there were no arrest and has not been one. nobody to bring to court here in boston. but at this hour, we're still awaiting a news conference from investigators that has been rescheduled over and over again. postponed was the word we heard late tonight. rick leventhal monitoring developments all day. is he live in boston with me as well. rick, you broke the news of
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these two persons of interest. what more you can report? >> well, obviously, bill, the focus here has to be on capturing the person or persons responsible for this horrific attack on the boston marathon that killed three and wounded nearly 180 others. we have seen the photographs of two men who federal authorities are looking for as persons of interest. possible suspects in those twin bombings on monday. we are not sharing those photographs with our viewers yet because the fbi is not sharing those photographs with the public. we don't want to jennifer dyes this investigation. but, i have seen these pictures. they are very clear. there are two men, one appears to be carrying a backpack. the other appears to have a bag. these bags match the description that the federal authorities have told us are believed to be carried the two bombs on monday. again not showing the photos until the federal authorities ask the media
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to share these pictures because we wanted to make sure we don't jeopardize any investigation and that if the fbi does have leads and is after these men that they have every chance to catch them. i think, bill, one of the reasons why all of those reports surfaced earlier today about possible suspects either being identified or being in custody is because these photos began circulating among law enforcement and there was confusion about whether or not there had been arrest but about the fact that there have been suspects or persons of interest who have been identified or at least isolated by law enforcement. >> bill: so you have seen the photos, rick, and based on the imknowledges you saw, how clear are the faces on these photos? >> they are pretty clear. there are multiple angles and you can definitely see their faces. and i hope and i believe that law enforcement using those photos can positively identify the men and whether or not they're the men who are actually responsible remains to be seen. >> quickly, rick, we have also learned earlier tod
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that investigators found more possible parts from the bomb. what's different today than from last night on that? >> well, you know, we know that these crime scene technicians have been on scene on boilston street for days now, collecting evidence, including apparently the lid from a pressure cooker that blew up on to one of the roofs along boilston street after the blast. we are told by federal authorities that a pressure cooker was believed to have been used in at least one of the two bombs. it was packed with nails and ball bearings and we have seen the photos of those nails and ball bearings. we have also seen the photo of the black backpack that was shredded after that bomb went off. we also know that federal authorities are carefully scanning hundreds, if not thousands of images, still pictures and video from the scene. again, trying to link up the men who are believed to be responsible with images from boilston street, bill? >> bill: thank you, rick. good work today. through theal throughout throughout the night he
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will be with us. investigators had arrested a suspect and was bringing him there. although law enforcement officials later denying reports of an arrest. those denials came after a crush of media descended on the courthouse looking for any glimpse of a possible suspect. everyone on high alert there as can you imagine. this is where a suspect might go if the feds had made an arrest. then word of a bomb threat inside -- inside the courthouse, forcing workers to leave. they said it was a code red in the media was forced to step back. we're told that ultimately turned out to be a false alarm. and you can see workers pushing cribs down the street, possibly from the day care center inside that courthouse in boston. top investigators say they have received promising intelligence from the photos and the video taken before the twin bombings, that's what a congressional source is telling fox news tonight. catherine herridge is live in that part of the story in washington. what do we know about any possible leads on, this catherine? >> well, thank you, bill. congressional sources
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telling fox news that the fbi did not brief the full house intelligence committee as expected. setting a citing a fluid investigation but the national terrorism center set up after 9/11 to assess threats and share the findings, telling a handful of lawmakers that videos and photos leading up to the moment are already providing, quote, promising intelligence on the case. according it to an investigative source, one of the working theories is that the device using low explosives was probably put together fairly closed to the blast site itself. today the "wall street journal" and others reporting that the fbi and boston police are canvassing hotels and short-term rentals in the area, bill. >> bill: investigators also taking a close look at the components of those explosives, right, catherine? >> well, fox news has told bomb components are now at the fbi crime lab in quantity co, virginia where they are being annualized and that the circuit board was recovered. key components described to us as relatively intact, which seems to bode well for investigators. this law enforcement bulletin obtained by fox
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from fbi and homeland security sent to law enforcement confirming one bomb was a pressure cooker with shrapnel including nails, b b and ball bearings. the second device is so badly damaged it was only described simply as a metal container. both devices say the type of low explosive a mode of detonation are actively being determined. the manufacturer of this battery says it's very common. found in kids' radio controlled toys and they sell tens of thousands of these batteries every year. the threat of an improvised explosive device here in the u.s. is unfortunately not new. and while the attacks are typically associated overseas, it's something that is well understood here. >> you know, i think the general message that i have gotten talking to people who are working this, as well as based on my own experience, is that we have anticipated something like this could happen. we have worked hard to prevent it from happening. but you can't be 100% successful that the key here is to be quick and diligent in the investigation, but also to be resilient.
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>> fox news asked the fbi to comment on the status of the bomb analysis but there was no immediate response, bill. >> bill: catherine, thank you from washington. >> you are welcome. >> to our viewers at home we had expected an fbi briefing. that was postponed. their words from earlier tonight. it still may happen this evening. if it does during this broadcast, we will certainly bring that to you live. also, a major story breaking earlier today and throughout the day. the fbi telling fox there is no sign of any connection between the bombings here in boston and those suspicious letters turning up in washington. investigators say early tests on letters sent to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker were positive for ricin. that's a deadly poison. 6,000 times more poisonous, they say, than many other items e% say preliminary tests can be wrong and they're waiting for final results. officials say they intercepted both letters before they got to the white house or the capitol
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building. mike emanuel is live on the hill there. there are some similarities between the two letters. what are they? >> well, bill, that's right. an fbi operations bulletin obtained by fox reveals similarities. both were postmarked memphis, tennessee on april the 8th. there was some identical wording. and the same signature imkc and i approve this message. at the white house we received this update. >> there was a letter sent to, addressed to the president, that at an off site mail facility wases noticd to have contained a suspicious substance and tests were undertaken. the fbi has the lead in that investigation. >> important to note that both letters did not reach the white house or the capitol complex. they were flagged at offsite facilities, bill. mr. . >> bill: yeah, ricin can be a killer. it's more poisonous. we had an expert on today
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saying 6,000 more times poison news than cyanide. this is dangerous material here. there were suspicious packages sent it lawmakers in your home state what do you have on that, mike? >> that's right. two senators home offices. two of them are getting some closer scrutiny. senator carl levin, democrat of michigan says he got a suspicious letter to his saginaw, michigan office and an older staff is in the hospital tonight as a precaution though has no symptoms. texas republican senator john cornyn's office says it received a suspicious letter at its dallas office that was tested and turned over to a possession inspector. a top senate leader says so far the system has worked. >> i would like to recognize the postal and law enforcement officials for their excellent work in detecting and preventing this threat before it even reached the capitol. they proved that the proactive measures we put in place do, in fact, work. >> everybody is being extra cautious cautious. nobody up here wants to be
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wrong. bill? >> bill: indeed. thank you, mike. mike emanuel on the hill tonight. we are watching those developments in the ricin matter. certainly the fallout here in boston after marathon attacks on monday. we're waiting for a news conference. as i mentioned, if it happens tonight you will see it here on the fox news channel. major developments now on gun control. live in the nation's capitol for a look at what lawmakers did and we'll get some reaction from president obama. that is all coming up. so much more tonight on the fox report. we are live on boyleston street in boston's back bay.
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expanded background checks to cover gun shows and the internet instead of just licensed dealers. it exempted sales between friends and family members and banned the government from creating a national firearms registry. after the vote late today president obama met at the white house with former congresswoman gabriel giffords from arizona and some the sandy hook families and they vowed not to give up the fight. in be. >> no one should feel our pain or the pain felt by tens of thousands of people who lost loved ones to senseless gun violence. >> a spokesman for the nra saying quote expanding background checks at gun shows or elsewhere will not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in their schools, end quote. ed henry following this from the white house tonight. ed, what did the president say after this vote? >> well, bill, it was a pretty emotional event in the rose garden that you
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mentioned. in addition to the new town families and gabby giffords sebilitiment from the father that you mentioned are not going to be deterred. they are going to fight on. the president himself was pretty defiant as well by saying this is just round one in the fight. take a listen. this was a pretty shameful day for washington but this effort is not over. i want to make it clear to the american people, we still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence so long as the american people don't give up on it. >> it's unclear though when senate majority leader harry reid will bring this back up for a potential vote. it's interesting after the vote one of the democrats on the hot seat, senator max baucus was asked why he voted no on the expanded background checks he said one word, montana. which means some of these swing state democrats don't want to come aboard. bill? >> bill: most republicans and some democrats voted against expanding
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background checks. we just heard from the president. what does he say about where the american people are on this issue, ed. >> the president is frustrated because he keeps citing various national polls including fox news polling suggest in the range of 90% of the american people support expanded background checks. the nra is pushing back by saying this particular change wouldn't have done anything to prevent some of the recent tragedies. it's a point that a lot of republican senators like chuck grassley are making. take a listen. >> manchin, toomey would not have stopped newtown. people who steal guns do not submit to background checks. >> now, senate majority leader harry reid did vote no. that means he can bring this up at a later date procedurally. he plans to do that but we don't know when, bill. >> bill: ed henry live at the white house tonight. the president and first lady will be here in boston tomorrow morning. we will follow that trip live here in america's newsroom. meanwhile, we now know the
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identity of the third victim killed in the attack here in boston. a young woman who came to this country to g.e.d. an education at boston university and will never return home. her story in a moment. plus, the search for a hero who helped comfort one victim. as she laid leading after the blast and tonight tyler has been found. and he has a message for the woman who is trying to find him. that's coming up as fox reports live tonight from boston. or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there.
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>> bill: we now know the identity of the third victim killed in the boston marathon attacks. b.u. confirms, boston university confirming she was a grad student by the name of lu ling g.p.s. zi. a chinese citizen studying
4:22 pm
matt and statistics and watching the race near the finish line when the bomb exploded. other two 8-year-old martin richard and 29-year-old chris krystle campbell. today we got update how some of them are doing. mike tobin was at the hospital a little bit earlier. is he live at the church where tomorrow president obama is set to attend a prayer service that we will cover certainly. but, mike, first, what do we know about those still in the hospital and their condition tonight? >> you know, bill, the news coming out of the hospitals overall is optimistic. doctors don't anticipate any further loss of life and they don't anticipate the need for any amputations. that being said, there is a somber note coming out of boston medical. doctors warning to keep a sharp out for post-traumatic stress. >> ptsd is not just about the patients it's about their families as well. we work with them from the beginning. there is no, as far as i know, any magic bullets to prevent this. but we need to, again, it's
4:23 pm
a process and evolves over time and it's something, again, that people need not to forget about that it's something that can be with these patients forever. >> now, hospitals differ with the descriptions of the shrapnel coming out of the bombing victims. massachusetts general, bringman's women's both say they're removing ball bearings and nails from the patients. boston medical and tusc medical center describe bits random metal and debris things picked up from the environment. all of that being pulled out of the bombing victims, bill. >> bill: tomorrow is going to be another emotional day. what are the plans as we understand them tonight, mike for the presidents visit at that church behind you? >> well, the president will come here to the cathedral of the holy cross just about 11:00. he will be accompanied by the first lady. it will be an interfaith service. the president is said to be delivering a message of
4:24 pm
shared pain not just with the people who were in the run itself or the people who live here in boston but the people -- the people in the run itself. and a shared sense of respect to the people who responded and saved lives. no word now if the president intends to visit with the victims and/or their families, bill. >> bill: mike, thanks. see you tomorrow. mike tobin from the church tonight. we are also hearing tonight from a hero by the name of tyler who helped comfort a young woman suffering shrapnel wounds from the terrorist attacks. yesterday the massachusetts governor devol patrick said he visited the woman victoria in the hospital and she said that tyler helped calm her down, even showing her his own scar on his body. >> victoria very very much wants to thank tyler personally so. if tyler is out there and listening or reading your reports, we would love to hear from tyler so that we can connect him to victor i can't. >> well, our local affiliate fox boston caught up with a man, tyler dodd
4:25 pm
is his name. he said that inside the medical tent he could see the terror in victoria's eyes. >> i just knew that i had to talk to her. if there was nothing else i could do, i could talk to her. i asked her to look at me. i think i asked her what her name was. and she kind of looked at me funny like why is this guy asking my name? she said victoria is my name. i said my name is tyler. it's going to be okay. >> well, job well done, tyler. contrary to some early reporting though, tyler dodd says he never served in the military but he added that victoria's strength proved to be inspiring. >> whoever is responsible for this, it was meant to instill terror and fear and chaos. what i take away from it is the true human spirit and multiple narnlts nationalities and cultures coming together to help each other out. >> yeah, fox boston also reports that tyler and victoria, they are arranging to meet each
4:26 pm
other yet again this time at medical center where victoria is recovering and that will be quite a reunion. some crime scene photos now spreading over the internet could help federal investigators in their search for a suspect. and we will explain why in a moment on that. plus, a new twist in the killings of a texas district attorney and his wife. now, the wife of a man already under arrest has just made a big confession. that is next as fox reports live from boston tonight. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> bill: a major development in the murders of a district attorney, his wife, and a deputy d.a. prosecutors saying that somebody has confessed to being involved in those killings, but it's not the reported prime suspect. instead, it is his wife, kim williams. the sheriff's spokesman says that she will face capital murder charges in all three deaths on saturday cops arrested her husband eric williams, a former justice of the peace. they say he made terrorististic threat against county employees. he lost his job about a year ago after prosecutors convicted him of stealing computers. now, those same prosecuto recently turned up dead along with the d.a.'s wife casey stegall has more in our dallas newsroom. did the wife say that she was the one who pulled the trigger. >> bill, good evening to you. according to these arrest warrant eafts that we have obtained, she described both her role and her husband's role in these
4:31 pm
killings and 46-year-old kim williams told investigators that her husband eric is the one who shot and killed all three of the victims. she did, however, confess her involvement in the scheme but we have no further details. she is being held on $10 million bond and murder charges we understand expected to be brought against her husband later this week, bill. >> we are also learning about some of the evidence police collected, is that right. >> yes. last week state and federal officials converged and executed multiple search warrants at the williams' home, the home of their in-laws and at a storage unit they rented about 10 miles from the crime scene. a local news station here now reporting nearly 50 guns were found at that storage unit. also a crown critic tore i can't sedan spotted in the mcclelland neighborhood the morning of the murders. cops haven't said yet, bill, how all of this evidence ties these people together. >> casey stegall in dallas on the breaking news tonight there from texas.
4:32 pm
>> there is more breaking news now here on the fox news channel. we are now hearing the fbi will be holding a long awaited briefing in 30 minutes. 8:00 eastern time fox news will carry that briefing live as investigators tell us the latest on the case. but the boston police department just about 12 minutes ago on their official twitter feed said that at 8:00 eastern time the fbi will make a statement about the latest events today. whether it's a press conference or a statement only, either way we will cover that live for you here in boston. meanwhile, checked out one time i'm just hearing now from our producers in new york that the statement that was scheduled at 8:00 eastern time in coply scare -- copley square, that's now been cancelled. so that's according to the boston police department that had sent out one tweet
4:33 pm
13 minutes ago saying there would be a statement and now saying that that statement or scheduled statement has been cancelled so we are trying to ping-pong through all of this and follow it as best we can. if something happens at 8:00, certainly we will have it covered right now it's not clear that that will happen. as i say it, it is clarified and craig boss well is live here in boston with me on this. craig, good evening to you. what more do you know about this? >> bill, good evening to you, yeah. we certainly have a lot of unanswered questions. there is a lot of anticipation trying to get this information out from fox reporting from our colleague rick leventhal a couple of key pieces of information that investigators are looking at two persons of interest that they have pictures of. think are distributing among law enforcement. not distributing among the public just yet that one of them has carrying a backpack. the other some type of bag. now, this is a very encouraging for people walking by because they are asking about this here. also very frustrating. that frustration showing up at the courthouse when
4:34 pm
there wasser reason reports of an arrest. they wanted to see who inflicted such pain on their still, and then, of course, the chaos that ensued when there was some type of threat and they had to evacuate the courthouse. that is underscoring the underlying tension that still remains here in boston, now two days after that bombing there at the finish line, bill. >> bill: craig, thank you. craig boswell on the streets of boston tonight. it's remarkable thing to follow all the events throughout the day. sometimes these events turned on the minute literally yet again they have, recording from the boston police department. 19 minutes ago a tweet went out o. the fbi will make a brief statement 8:00 p.m. westin hotel. five minutes ago the fbi has cancelled the 8:00 p.m. briefing tonight. so for the moment that will not happen. now, the feds are not the only ones pouring over pictures looking for leads, the internet is abuzz with would be detectives. web site like change and red it.
4:35 pm
pages identifying potential suspects. most of them men at the marathon who carried black backpacks or otherwise looked suspicious. we will not show you those pictures here since there is nothing yet to suggest that they are guilty, but, rick leventhal reported one hour ago that there are physical copies of pictures now being distributed through the law enforcement in the search for two persons of interest. it was spotted around the finish line at 2:45 to 2:50 p.m. monday afternoon. we will get more on that as we get it through our sources here in boston tonight. now, any doctor will tell you it is perfectly natural to feel on edge, especially after news of an attack. but the bombings in boston, they are no exception with the scenes of blood and suffering, it is important to understand that compared to decades past, this type of horrific event is now substantially less common. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live tonight with more on that. it does not lessen the pain though certainly for any of the victims.
4:36 pm
according to the numbers, they suggest we he have been safer since 9/11. jonathan? >> the bombings in boston, bill, are partly shocking purely because we are that much safer than we were prior to 9/11. prior to 9/11, the bombings were much more common on american soil. you only need to look back to 1993, of course, and the first bombing of the world trade center. and then in 1995, of course, there was the oklahoma city bombing and many more small scale but deadly bombings in the 1970s. now, a lot of experts say that since the 9/11 attacks our intelligence services and law enforcement have become much better at identifying and preventing any potential attacks. so while we might not feel it right now, staive tis particularly speaking, we are much safer now than we were in the decades before 9/11. bill? >> you know, jonathan, we
4:37 pm
know at least one of these devices was made using a pressure cooker, perhaps both of them in the end. that is not a new tactic, is it? >> no. it's certainly not. in fact, right here, look at these dates. in 1976, there was a bomb using a pressure cooker set by croatian separatists right here in new york city. in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a common tactic used by the irish republican army in the uk and also it was used in the 1980s by colombian rebels. experts say there is a very good reason why pressure cooker style bombs have long been in the terrorist's arsenal, listen. >> this is a device that's made homegrown, that you go out and you take elements of a store that you can't really trace and you put them together so that you go below the screen. that's why nobody knows you
4:38 pm
are. so he sey to stay below the radar screen. hard to defect. >> directions how to make a pressure cooker bomb published in a book pop blar anarchists bill in 1971. bill? >> bill: remarkable. jonathan hunt tonight from our newsroom in new york. thank you, jonathan. leaders from around the world descending upon london today for the funeral of the former prime minister margaret thatcher. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] before the funeral, a gun carriage carried her coffin to the streets of the british capitol to saint paul's cathedral, the site of today's service. there queen elizabeth sat in the front row and former vice president dick cheney among the dignitaries that gathered to remember britain's iron lady. thatcher was britain's first and only british prime minister. she served 11 years in that position. she died last week at the age of 87.
4:39 pm
her remains scheduled to be cremated today in keeping with her wishes and ashes to be placed next to those of her late husband. what a life. secretary of state john kerry had an emotional reaction today to the bombings here in his hometown. he also had a warning for congress about north korea's young leader. plus a cop tries to stop an illegal taxi but the driver, he has other ideas. we will show you the rest of that video. plus, breaking news in the ricin scare case out of washington. we're getting word of an arrest tonight as fox reports live from boston on this wednesday evening.
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4:42 pm
>> bill: all right, breaking news now here on "the fox report." word that police have just arrested someone for mailing letters containing the poison ricin. investigators saying early test on letters sent to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker were positive for ricin. now word they have arrested a man in tupelo,
4:43 pm
mississippi in that case. mike emanuel has been on the story throughout the day. is he live on the hill late for us tonight. what can we reported, mike? what are you getting? >> bill, we have several law enforcement sources who tell us that a man by the name of kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi has been arrested in connection with these letters that have tested positive for ricin that have been sent to -- addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. sources early on in the investigation were telling us that it was somebody from mississippi, from senator wicker's home state and the fbi bulletin that we have been reporting from that we obtained early today says the two letters that were sent were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message. k.c. may translate to kenneth curtis it is unclear when charges will be filed. whether it will be later tonight or tomorrow. but, again, to recap, several federal law enforcement sources say arrest has been made. kenneth curtis from tupelo,
4:44 pm
mississippi. we are gathering facts as quickly as possible. bill? >> bill: mike, throughout the day, you have been reporting that whomever was the person who mailed these letters apparently -- he was pretty well known among legislators there on the house and the senate side. s so doss this coincide with that information that you have tonight? >> it does. they said that this guy was a frequent letter writer to lawmakers here on capitol hill. federal officials through the washington. and, again, from the fbi bulletin that we obtained early today, they said that he signed it i am k.c. and i approve this message. and so he seemed pretty cavalier about that he did not put a -- or the suspect did not put a return address on these letters. but they seemed fairly confident early on that they knew it was somebody from mississippi, somebody who frequently wrote letters to lawmakers and other federal officials and to recap, an arrest made within the last hour or so, bill. >> bill: now, to be clear,
4:45 pm
since the anthrax attacks in the fall of 2001, you know, congress changed the tway receives mail. we know at the white house the mail receiving center is not at the white house. it's in some other part of washington d.c. but how did the senate and the house change their tactics because mitch mcconnell said earlier today that the system that was put in place back then worked today. go ahead and explain that. >> absolutely right, bill. they moved it off site and it went to fatal in landover, maryland where all of the mail that comes to the united states senator's office is screened, tested, opened, and essentially checked to make sure it is clear before they pass it on to the capital complex. so it did not get anywhere close to the capital complex and jay carney told us today at the white house that it did not get anywhere close to the white house or to president obama. so, senator mcconnell was quite happy this morning. said justice would prevail. but said the bottom line was they learned a lot from
4:46 pm
those 2001 anthrax letter attacks and they made sure that these letters in this case did not get anywhere close to the lawmaker and to the president of the united states. and so bottom line the system worked in this case, bill. >> bill: yeah, one more thing here, mike. is the case considered closed or is there a possibility of more letters being received out there? >> they are on the lookout for other suspicious letters. we had a bunch of offices evacuated or cleared and has mat uniforms come into the capitol or offices around the capitol complex and also some to some district offices just to be abundantly cautious to make sure if there was anything suspicious, that it was carefully checked out because of course one thing we know that ricin in very small amounts can be quietly that, quite deadly. every precaution was taken here on capitol hill. and in many senators' offices around the country to make sure anything funny in the mail was double-checked, bill. >> bill: thank you, mike.
4:47 pm
good work. mike emanuel with the breaking news from capitol hill tonight. we're awaiting more developments out of tupelo, mississippi with the latest on this. there was a lot of news to follow as you can clearly see from the past 47 minutes. and there are developments here in boston that we will bring you in a matter of moments as our coverage citizen -- continues here on the boston bombings here on "the fox report." shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network. record video. connect more. so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access.
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>> bill: back to the breaking news now, there has been an arrest in the ricin scare that has gripped washington, d.c. for the past 24 hours. a man in tupelo, mississippi, well known to authorities apparently on capitol hill has been arrested now. with me now is david cats. founder, president and ceo of group. former d.e.a. and instructor at the academy.
4:51 pm
you have a specific strategy when dealing with these matters. what's not clear to me, david is whether or not they found the ricin and whether they traced it back to mississippi or if they looked at his return address on an envelope in washington, d.c. if he were that well known to authorities. >> yeah, well, you know, the original report indicated there was no return address. that may or may not be so. but if he is familiar to them, a certain style of writing or the envelopes he send are very distinctive that may be how they trace him. i assume the next step is to go into his residence or any area he had control over and see was there any other residual components. that's probably the next step to make the case against him solid. >> bill: david, there is no indication that anyone was affected by this ricin. had he been successful, what happens to a human being when they come in contact with it? >> ricin is an incredibly
4:52 pm
deadly toxin. classified as a weapon of. caster bean more deadly than cyanide. there is no reliable antidote. they are trying to manufacture antidotes now but to my knowledge none of them have been successfully manufactured. if so ingested it. if someone had a broken skin or a cut on them on their hand, for example and handled the letter, could very well be talking about in two to three days fatalities as a result of this. >> bill: let's be clear though, if somebody puts ricen in an envelope and puts it in the mail, they are out to do harm, aren't they? >> yeah, it's like opening a canister from cyanide breathe deeply. it's absolutely 100% intentional act and intentional attempt to kill somebody, it's unlikely that someone would survive significant explosion to ricin. how would they find this
4:53 pm
short of opening a package or an envelope? >> the postal service has very, very sophisticated technologies in detecting a are a variety of biological weapons. in addition, i'm assuming they would do even x-ray scan powder in envelope and that would be necessitate a next level inspection which would put it on a field test and that's probably how they got the positive result for ricin. >> yeah. we were speaking with mike emanuel a moment ago. go back to mike in a moment here. if this man has been arrested, then his case is closed. but it's not clear whether or not there are other envelopes or packages out there that still might contain ricin that had been mailed prior to his arrest. >> that's an excellent. >> bill: what do they do now, david? >> everyone needs to understand. i think it's clear is he targeting government officials. i'm sure all the mail handling facilities, whether it be federal officials, state and local government, they will be on heightened alert.
4:54 pm
that's an excellent point you raise. two letters have intercepted. who knows how many he put in the mail? it's not difficult. it's kind of like it's a non-sophisticated technology. someone who is intent on causing, you know, widespread panic and fear, and they didn't have the sophistication to manufacture anthrax or -- ricin make sufficient quantity and all they need to do is put in envelopes, put on the stamps and drop them in mailboxes and you have mass terror all over the country. >> bill: david, stand by one from one mommy. mike emanuel from capitol hill has been reporting on this story throughout the day. what are the precautions in place now. what are they telling you whether it's tonight or tomorrow or the coming days about the possibility of more letters. >> essentially, bill, everybody son the lookout for more letters, anything that comes in not with a return address. they are taking a closer look at. bottom line is the letters that were sent addressed to
4:55 pm
president obama and to senator wicker were both mailed out on april the 8th last week from memphis, tennessee. and so that is something that was in common between the two letters. also. so language that was in both letters, the way it was signed was in both letters. and so there are undoubtedly some classified aspects as part of this investigation that will also be similarities that they are on the lookout for. but the unclassified version that we have obtained essentially said that some the language was the same, postmark was the same. some of the rants inside were the same. and so that is how they were fairly confident it came from this person. it was signed the same way saying i am k.c. and i approve this message. to so that's the things that that he are looking for at this point, bill. >> bill: thank you, mike. mike emanuel live on the hill. david cats thanks to you as well. and your expertise not only now but earlier today on "studio b." david, thank you. we are watching all the
4:56 pm
developments tonight in a strange twist again only moments ago, the boston police department sent out a message that the fbi would put a statement out at 8:00 and then quickly retracted that. there will be no statement tonight but the news continues in onea moment. u're g it well? yes i am. there are a lot of places you could take your explorer for service, why do you bring it back to the ford dealership? they specifically work on fords. it seems to me like the best care. and it's equal or less money, so it's a value for me. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. who doesn't enjoy value? man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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>> bill: there is breaking news on two significant stories tonight. first on the bombing here in boston. fox news confirms that a picture, an image of two men, two persons of interest is now being circulated through the law enforcement officials here in boston across the country looking for the identity of two men who were seen near the scene of the bombing explosions on monday afternoon near the finish line behind me on boylston street. this is an active investigation that is ongoing tonight. there san expected fbi briefing earlier tonight. that will not happen. as we mentioned a moment ago, there was an expected statement from the fbi. that, too, was cancelled. so, as this investigation moves forward, some trace evidence has been made
5:00 pm
public. some photographs of some of the bomb residue that was found on the street a quarter mile behind us here, that is circulating throughout the law enforcement community. and the public, for that matter as well. that's the latest on the boston bombings. and there is more breaking news here on the fox news channel, i'm bill hemmer and good evening. we will join the roiferl factor in a moment. but, first, fox news confirming police have arrested someone for mailing letters containing the deadly toxin ricin. those letters addressed to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker. we have learned the suspect is a man from tupelo, mississippi, a man with a long history of sending letters to lawmakers in washington. investigators say that early tests on those letters were positive. that mail never came close to the president or the senator for that matter. they set off alarms though in postal screening facilities away from the white house and away from chill. i want to start our coverage this hour now with mike emanuel who is live on